Pomatomus 6 I just love how the stitches of the pattern flow into the stitches of the heel flap. The flap itself was easy enough, once I remembered to purl through the back loop on the wrong side of it, but turning the heel took three tries for some reason! Usually I'm not that dim-witted about following a pattern, but the first time I miscounted stitches so the heel was off-center. I ripped back. The second time, I got started and lost my place. I ripped back. The third time, I turned everything else off - music, both computers, and phone - and concentrated very hard on getting it right - and here it is.

There's one thing about this pattern that I don't understand. After the gusset stitches are picked up, and you start knitting the pattern on the top of the foot, with the decreases, and stockinette stitch on the sole, there's a comment that says Note: On Rows 17-22 of Chart B, there will be one extra st on Needle 3 (37 sts). What do I do with that extra stitch? Right now, it's pretty confusing, but maybe it will make more sense when I get up to that point.

Pomatomus 5 The colors are starting to pattern up a little, but that's all right; I kinda like when it does that. The scallopy lacy stitches hide the color patterning fairly well, but the bottom of the sole will be in stockinette stitch so I think it will show. It will be like a hidden secret color patterning that no one will see unless I show them the bottom of my foot! Pirate-Husband seems quite impressed with this sock. It's too early to tell, but maybe he's thinking about how nice it would be to have his own pair of hand-knit socks...

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