In Which the Pirate Gets Her Sock On.

Pomatomus 7 O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

So! It’s not that the sock is too small, it’s that needles – even bamboo needles – are really inflexible, and don’t care to bend over my instep. I knitted a little further out of frustration, then sorted the stitches out onto five needles, instead of three, and tried again. And here it is! The Pomatomus sock, finally on my foot! I could not be more pleased that I don’t have to rip back and begin again.

Times like this, I wish I didn’t have such long feet. I wear a 10.5 (ladies US) or 42 (European) and I am rather jealous of sock knitters with small feet! That’s okay – I’m in the home stretch now. Just a few inches, and a second sock, to go!

What’s the best way to take pictures of one’s own feet? This was the only good picture I could get. I tried various angles, but either my ankle disappeared, or the stitch pattern didn’t show up well, or my foot looked gigantic (wait, my foot is gigantic) or it was unflattering in one way or another. Perhaps when the pair of socks is done, Pirate-Husband will assist with the taking of pictures.

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8 Responses

  1. Pirate Husband says:

    The easiest way to photograph your foot is to ask nicely for someone else to do it.

    That said, Pirate Husband would be happy to photograph you in any way you like.

  2. Michelle says:

    As a fellow knitter with size 10.5US feet…I feel your pain! In both sock-knitting and finding shoes that fit. (Of course, my problem is exacerbated by my feet actually being 10.5 narrow–so 11’s never, ever fit. Mostly I end up wearing 10’s.)

    I’ve yet to successfully complete a pair of socks for myself–I always end up with gauge issues. Are you knitting the Pomatomus socks as written, or did you have to adjust it for your feet? (Aside from knitting a longer length, of course.)

  3. Pirate says:


    I’m knitting it exactly as written. I hit gauge using US 1s and the Plymouth Sockotta, so I went for it!

    Have you tried Zappos ( for shoe-shopping? I’ve had a lot of luck there.

  4. Janis says:

    Looking good! I had that problem with trying on my Feather and Fan socks, but I was using some Brittany birches, which were even more inflexible. :D

  5. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the info! Maybe my problem is that I’m overthinking the socks…

    I’ve done lots and lots of window-shopping at Zappo’s, but I haven’t had the sort of money necessary for indulging. I’m getting a bit desperate for shoes right now, though, so maybe I should take a more serious look.

  6. Midori says:

    Beautiful socks, congrats! I’m knitting Poms as well and am currently stuck with a size problem. I have very small feet, European 32.5 (would that be about a US 1-2?) – yes, they’re about the size of an 8-year-old – and they’re narrow. And it’s NOT fun. So far I’ve just left out 1/3 of all the stitches and the size is just right, but now I’m at the heel turn and don’t know how to adjust the turn heel stitches without messing up the pattern later. These are my first ever socks… If you have experience in altering patterns to get the right fit or if you have any suggestions, please e-mail me. Thanks!

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