In Which the Pirate Procrastinates.

I am putting off knitting by… knitting. I should be working on the babypants, considering the baby is due in less than a month now. But this sock has me totally enthralled. “Just a few more rounds,” I tell myself, then marvel at how much faster the foot rounds go when compared to the leg rounds, and allow myself just a few more.

I’m going out of town this weekend, and one of the important things to consider (after “I really ought to pack tonight”) is that neither the Pomatomus nor the babypants would be a good traveling project. Maybe I’ll start a new sock… maybe another pair of Jaywalkers! Speaking of Jaywalkers, Grumperina just updated her readers’ gallery and now my socks appear there! Hooray!

1 Response

  1. Pirate Husband says:

    Hey you, back to the babypants! *cracks whip!*
    I have mental images of you knitting furiously in the hospital waiting room…

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