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In Which the Pirate Rips.

yarn ramen I’m working on designing a new pattern, and planning to submit it to Knitty. Because of that, I can’t show you what it is – as the Yarn Harlot says, “Secret projects suck for blogging.” I don’t think Knitty will have a problem with me showing you a small pile of ripped-out yarn ramen…

This is what happened: I was happily knitting away, following the pattern as I’d written it, when I realized that I was getting these big ugly laddery gaps between needles. Shortly after that realization, I concluded that I’d missed a number of purl stitches, and had knitted right across where they ought to have gone. For a moment, I was concerned that other people would have the same problem, and that my pattern would be a failure! Then I figured out that I could

a) avoid the ladders by shifting the pattern repeat and
b) avoid knitting where I should purl by shifting the pattern repeat and that
c) I’d have to rewrite the pattern in order to do that and also
d) rip back and reknit according to the revised pattern but
e) it would all be worth it in the end.

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  1. Ninja says:

    Seriously! It’s hard to knit things and then not be able to talk about them. ;)

    That’s why I’m not keeping the babys tuff a secret. If my sis-in-law feels like visiting my blog, she can see them all she wants!

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