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In Which the Pirate Begins a Hat.

Stellar HatI’ve never been one to let leftovers go to waste. Perhaps I hold onto them a little longer than necessary (note to self: remove dead casserole from fridge) but when we’re talking about yarn, leftovers are great! A couple of years ago, I made this hat of Manos del Uruguay. It fits my head perfectly, which is more than I can say about most store-bought hats. I love the blue, gold and teal of the Stellar colorway, and the golden-tan of the ribbing was a perfect match for it. The only thing is… it doesn’t go with my new scarf.

Manos Hat Enter the leftovers. There is enough green from the scarf for the ribbing and a stripe, and enough golden-tan from the first hat for the body of the second hat (I hope). And it’s really nice to knit stockinette in the round for a change. I barely have to look at what I’m doing!

The babypants are glaring at me. I swear, I will work on them tomorrow. Honest! The baby’s due on the 16th now. I still have time, right? …right?

2 Responses

  1. Metachaos says:

    What hat pattern do you use?

  2. Pirate Husband says:

    It’s 12am Saturday morning. That cassrole is still in the fridge…
    Happy Cinqo de Mayo.

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