It's very difficult to work on a surprise knitted gift for my sister-in-law when I spend most of the day out shopping with said sister-in-law! (I didn't buy anything, though there was this one flowery dress - not for me, for the baby - that I was tempted to pick up.) I did show her all the other yarny stuff I am currently working on, and the yarn acquisitions from the Sheep and Wool Festival and from Uruguay, and a quick spinning demonstration. I may have tempted her into learning to knit after the baby is born. That would just be too cool, wouldn't it?

I am surprised to be as excited as I am about this baby. I've never been too fond of babies, but this one, being my kid brother's kid, is an exception to the rule. Not to mention, my brother and sister-in-law are very cool, and say things like "You don't have to change diapers. Heck, you don't even have to hold her if you don't want to. I'm scared of breaking her, and she's my kid. Don't worry about it at all." I plan to knit many, many things for my new niece.

...starting with those pants, which are very, very slowly getting closer to being finished.

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