In Which the Pirate Re-Embroiders.

The pockets have been redone (twice, in the case of the front pockets) and I’m up to seaming. Again. I’ve tried three times and have failed to create a seam that can be seen from the outside of the pants. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I can hear the ghost of my great-grandmother over my shoulder, saying, “You *want* the seams to show, darling? That’s… strange.”

Great-Grandma was a seamstress. She could go into a store, look at a dress from all angles, and recreate it at home. I’m sure her seams never showed. From her, passed down through the generations, I learned the importance of having a printed pattern match up at the seams, and how to tell a well-made garment from one that would disintegrate in the wash. Unfortunately, I did not seem to inherit her ability to think in three dimensions, and I’m at a complete loss as to how to put these pants together. YARRGH.

This niece, who is still not born as of right now, will be named for Great-Grandma. When she’s old enough, I will teach her to knit, and maybe she will intuitively understand what I do not. Then she can show me how to seam her own [expletive omitted] pants.

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