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In Which the Pirate Has a Hat.

Hat and Scarf Using this basic hat formula, I took the leftover Manos del Uruguay in green from my scarf, and in tan from a previous hat project, and made a whole new hat! At first, I was going to put a solid green stripe in the middle. Then I decided that it was time to try colorwork. I made up a five-row chart and got started with one yarn in my right hand and one in my left hand. Wow, is that awkward!

hat from the sideI’ve never gotten the hang of knitting with the yarn in my right hand, but this seemed like a good chance to give it a try. Five rows later, I really didn’t like what I had at all. The colors are too close to each other, and the one-stitch-then-switch stuff I’d been doing wasn’t showing up very well. I ripped it out, revised my chart to six rows and more green, and tried again.

camera eyeI’m really not so good at taking pictures of myself, but I try! The best thing about hats is that they’re over quickly. You get something warm and functional for a few hours’ worth of effort. It may not be my favorite color, but it does match the scarf well… I’m not entirely sure I like the colorwork; I might have preferred a solid stripe. But I did need the practice, and now I kinda sorta maybe know how to knit with the yarn in my right hand, too!

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