In Which the Pirate Enjoys Ravelry., while still very obviously in beta, looks like it’s going to grow into a very freakin’ cool community. I spent a few hours inputting my stash and project queue, uploading pictures to my new Flickr account, rating yarns, checking out patterns and pictures… I haven’t delved into the forums yet, but wow. There is so much there already, and it’s only just begun!

One thing which really draws me to the site is the upcoming feature of being able to automate sales of patterns. Paypal, emailed .pdf files, instant transaction. It’s a beautiful idea, and not having to handle the shopping cart and emailing stuff myself is quite appealing.

No word on when the site is going to open to the public, but you can sign up to be a beta tester. There’s no confirmation of your request, and it will take a while for your request to be processed; they’ve had more than 5500 requests already and are adding users in batches. Trust me though, it’s worth the wait! I’m really hoping the site takes off like mad, and I’m so glad to be a part of the beta testing team.

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