Jaywalker 2, pic 3 I only got a few rounds past the point at which this picture was taken when my hands started seriously complaining about two straight hours of sock knitting. That being said, tonight's SnB was fun as usual! We had about fifteen people at the most crowded. Some crocheters and some needlepointers, but mostly knitters. I really enjoy talking to everyone, and showing the sock around. I demonstrated Continental knitting ("that looks weird, doesn't it?") and talked up the ease of flap heels to someone who's just getting into the idea of socks. Also, I came home with a bonus copy of "Knit 'N Style" magazine. I may not knit anything from it, but I love looking at the pictures and seeing what crazy ideas people come up with!

The other cool thing about the SnB, I may have mentioned, is that we're working together on a charity blanket. I got the yarn for my four squares today, as well as the one border square that Pirate-Husband agreed to knit. My size 6 needles are free, so I can get started on my squares right away. Pirate-Husband is away on business... but when he gets back, I'm putting him to work!

Now, because the subtitle of the blog is "A Knitter and Her Day Job," I feel that it is very important for me to share this next bit of news: I have joined the ranks of the re-employed. Yes, my days of bumming around are over as of July 9th. I had an interview yesterday and one today - and both places made offers. I took the one from yesterday. The commute is going to be rough, but I plan to get books and French lessons on CD to help me pass the time in the car. I am very excited about this; I think it's blah blah great opportunity blah blah buzzword drone drone... the important thing is, I wasn't out of work for very long and I haven't forgotten how. I'm eager. Just think of all the yarn I can buy, now that I'll have income again! Mmmm, celebratory yarn...

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