In Which the Pirate Stalls.

The Stripey Striped Scarf has gotten to the end of the first two balls (or very close to it, anyway) and is ten inches short of what it would need in order to end up as long as I want it to be, which is more than six feet. So it’s on hold until I can go buy two more balls of Kureyon. I never thought purple and orange would look this good next to each other, but there it is, looking good.

Stripey Striped Scarf 4Now, I do have two balls left, one each of 147 and 158. But if my LYS doesn’t have those two colorways, then I want the odd two to be in the middle of the scarf, and the ends will match. Maybe. My thought is 147/158 – x/y – 147/158 again might look kinda neat. The only thing that worries me is the sudden color change instead of the nice gradual one, but that would happen anyway if the skeins don’t begin at the same point in the colorway, right? I’m not going to waste perfectly good yarn to make the colors line up, not in this case. It’s supposed to be garish, after all.

So the scarf is waiting, just in case I find different colorways of Kureyon that I like. Too bad; it’s a great sit-in-front-of-the-computer-and-knit project. I guess I’ll just have to work on some lace.

Pirate-NieceOh, and although I wasn’t going to, there were several requests at the SnB for a picture of my niece. Here she is at about four hours old – it will be a while before she fits into those pants, I can tell you, and even longer before I can start to teach her to knit. All in good time, little girl, all in good time. Muahahaha!

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