In Which the Pirate Evaluates.

Janis asked: How’s the Morehouse Merino laceweight for working with? Pleasing to touch?

I thought I’d answer here, in case anyone else was curious.

Wound-Up LaceweightThe yarn is spun fairly evenly, though there are some slightly tighter sections and some slightly looser sections. You can kinda see them in the picture, but the difference between the loosest parts and the tightest parts isn’t *that* significant. It’s single-ply and doesn’t split, even with the blunt-ish needles I’m using. Okay, I split one stitch, but that’s because I wasn’t looking. And I fixed it right away, so… yeah. It slips around on the needles, but I think that’s more about the needles than the yarn.

It snags a little bit on the roughest part of my finger, where there’s a callous from playing guitar, but mostly it slides smoothly and evenly. And it’s very, very soft – not too smooth, though; the stitches that I’ve dropped haven’t gone anywhere and were quite easy to pick up again. The yarn is also a little bit fuzzy. I can imagine that with wear, the scarf is going to have a bit of a halo. Nothing like angora, but I’m not expecting the stitches to stay crisp at all.

I would definitely work with this yarn again, though next time I think I’d get one of the solid colors, and make something more formal-looking.

Morehouse Farm

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