In Which the Pirate Returns.

Ahhh, vacation. I finished one Jaywalker and am halfway down the leg of the next. Everyone who saw the socks-in-progress was impressed, which makes me happy even if it is a very simple pattern. I tried carding some of the alpaca fleece but I’m not sure I know what I’m doing – and mostly it was too hot and humdi to work with fleece, so I knit instead. I’m hoping someone at the SnB knows about carding alpaca fleece and can show me a trick or three.

Things I bought: 50g white silk/cashmere cobweb weight, to make lace cuffs for Pirate Husband’s SCA shirts. 8 oz or so of beautiful green wool roving that is exactly the color of my eyes – mostly green, with some orange and some flecky bits and some blue. Some SHH QUIET IT’S A SEKRIT yarn for the Knitting Ninja, partly because the color just screams NINJA and partly because I was drunk at the time, but sober enough to say “no no no I’m on a yarn diet… hey, that means I can buy it for someone else, doesn’t it!”

Thing I did not buy: A spinning wheel. But I really, really want one. I was mesmerized by it. Round and round and yarn twisting out of fluff and round and round some more. (This is when I bought the Ninja’s sekrit gift yarn. I’d been to a margarita party, see…) When I buy a house and have room for a wheel, it’ll be one of my first purchases. Again, I’m hoping someone at the SnB has a wheel and will let me try it. I hear that people can be picky about letting unskilled hands on their wheels, but maybe if I ask around someone will take pity on me.

The house is full of laundry, both washed and unwashed, but other than that we’re pretty well unpacked. Everything smells delightfully of woodsmoke, except the yarn and roving, which was carefully kept in an extra cooler, serving double purpose as packing materials for some pottery. And tomorrow, it’s back to work! Life is pretty damn good right now.

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2 Responses

  1. Ninja says:

    Haha! Oh goodness. Sekrit drunken yarn purchasing? I can’t help but be worried.

    But also excited. Because, YARN.

  2. Pirate Husband says:

    Funny how something without any black in it at all can scream “Ninja!” like that.. I don’t believe there is any white in it either -for all of you fellow Storm Shadow fans.

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