In Which the Pirate Is Surrounded.

Yarn and knitting stuff and fluff everywhere. Alpaca on the floor, roving on the couch, lace on my desk, scarf draped over the basket, sock-in-progress in my purse, and a growing pile of finished objects on my end table (on top of unread magazines). This will not do. Tomorrow, I plan to take pictures of the progress I’ve made and the new stuff I’ve got:

There is the Jaywalker that I completed at Pennsic, and the first few inches of its mate. There is another inch or so on the lace scarf. The stripy scarf is nearing the end of the second two balls. I picked up 50g of a gorgeous silk/cashmere cobweb-weight in white, to make lace cuffs for Pirate-Husband. There is, of course, eight pounds of alpaca in various natural colors. There is the green roving which matches my eyes. Then there is the sekrit yarn for the Ninja – should I take a picture of that, or let it be a surprise to her?

There is also some guilt. I signed on to do four squares of a charity blanket, and I’ve not yet completed them. Fortunately, there will be a considerable amount of free time this weekend – I have plans for Saturday morning and evening, but not afternoon, and Sunday holds some tentative plans but nothing I can’t knit my way through.

It’s also over 90 degrees here and incredibly humid (feels like 103 degrees), so I have no desire to spend my weekend outside. The weather report says it will be just as hot tomorrow, with the heat index at 105. Hooray for air conditioning!

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