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In Which the Pirate Has Pictures.

Roving on the FutonFirst, I unrolled everything and laid it all out on the futon. Pirate-Husband came in at this point and said “Oh, pretty!” I took that as a good sign, because I’d been about to stop after that small accomplishment. Bravely I took my spindle in hand… then realized that I needed my hands to get some fiber, and put it down again. Really, this would be so much easier with more hands.

Spun orange Then, I pulled the orange and magenta off one section of roving and spun it. Some blue got in there; I wasn’t being too careful. I thought if it was the pure orange, it would be too bright on its own. I may try to be more careful about that for the rest of it – and there’s an awful lot left to go. At one point I think I must have put too much twist in or pulled it too tightly, because it snapped, but I recovered by floofling up the snapped end and just going on from there. If I have to toss a few tangled bits, such is life.

Without the OrangeOn one hand, I think it looks a lot nicer without the orange. On the other, it’s quite dark with only the green to lighten it. The blue and purple are very deep colors. I’ll probably like it better when it’s plied together. And if I don’t, that’s okay too. This is a learning process. (Thing I learned: You don’t get much yarn spun in an hour.)

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