In Which the Pirate Works on a Sock.

I’m in the middle of the heel flap of the Jaywalker, and had to take a break, so I’m stretching my fingers out and typing a little. For some reason, I didn’t want to start the heel. I think it was because I did my best to get the stripes to line up, but eventually came to the realization that I would be two rows off no matter what. Either the second sock leg will be two rows short, or the stripes on the foot will be offset by two rows. Eventually I decided that I would rather have my sock legs be the same length, and started the heel… only to stop two rows later and daydream about a pattern for the next sock.

This is silly – the next sock is going to be the second Pomatomus of the pair. Then I thought, “but I’m almost done with the Stripey Striped Scarf, and that will leave me with two projects I can only work on at home – Pomatomus and the Ostrich Plumes scarf. I’m going to need a simple traveling project.” Well, simple doesn’t require much daydreaming, does it? I think I’m going to do a ribbed (4×1) sock in some of the Trekking XXL which Janis gave me for my birthday. That oughta be simple enough to travel with.

I look like a bug. This weekend I upgraded my WordPress installation and added a new feature – a JavaScript lightbox effect. Try clicking on a picture. Isn’t that neat? If you’re the type who likes pictures to open up in their own tabs/windows instead of getting the animated effect, you can still right-click > open in new window, or middle-click if you use Firefox and enjoy that tab thing. Middle-click may work in IE7 as well.

Also this weekend I mentioned to Pirate-Husband that, other than socks, I’m running out of things I really want to knit for myself. Kinda. I want to make the Shedir hat (link to pdf), and some purple-and-green armwarmers to go with my green-and-purple scarf, and a pair of fingerless glove-convertible mittens. He said that I should feel free to knit him a sweater. A cabled sweater. A big warm gansey, in fact, is what he has in mind for himself. I laughed. If anyone’s getting a hand-knit sweater around here, it’s me – but other than baby sweaters, I’m not sure I’m interested in making one. It seems like a lot of work… who knows? Once I say “oh, I’m not interested in that,” it’s almost a sure thing that at some point in the future, I’ll be interested.

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  1. Janis says:

    Sweaters are kind of interesting. They are a test of endurance. I really enjoyed knitting the cardigan I just finished and seaming it up, but that wouldn’t be the process for a gansey. Still, I’ve knit 3 so far and there is something satisfying about making an entire garment you can wear. :)

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