STR Lightweight “Pirate’s Booty”When I heard that Blue Moon Fiber Arts had added new colors, I went straight to the website to look at them. After a lot of back-and-forth, and some discussions with certain Enablers (notably Pirate-Husband, who laughed and told me to just buy the damned yarn already), I was still a little unsure about buying some Socks that Rock... and then I saw the name of one of the new colorways. Now tell me, how in hell was I supposed to resist a yarn named *Pirate's Booty*? Really!

STR Lightweight “Moss Agate”Of course, "you can't buy just one." And sock yarn doesn't count as stash anyway, remember? Besides, it's flat-rate shipping. So I picked another skein of lightweight in the "Moss Agate" colorway. There were a few others I was considering, but I decided to hold off for now...

At 360 yards, and with my size 10.5 feet, I think I may have to pre-split the yarn into two even balls per skein and then knit toe-up, just to be sure I get whole socks out of this. I'm eyeing the Wollmeise sock yarn for my next purchase. Shipping gets expensive, so maybe I'll go in with someone on an order, but I hear they're 150g skeins instead of 100, so you end up with 575 yards of the stuff!)

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One Response to “In Which the Pirate Acquires Booty.”
  1. Susan L says:

    Hey Rachyl, Loopy Ewe expects to have some Wollmeise back in stock sometime in November. (Word is that the rainy weather in Germany is causing the wool to take longer to dry after dyeing.) I check Loopy Ewe & Sheri's blog regularly, so I can let you know when they get it in - but you'll need to move quickly at that point since they sell out of it like that * !