In Which the Pirate Turns a Heel.

Okay, the stripes *almost* match from the first Jaywalker to the second, but they’re close enough that I think I’m going to just stop worrying about it. The heel is turned, the gusset stitches all picked up, and here comes the foot!

Pirate-Husband gets “Awesome Points” for the following conversation, in which I told him about the thing that’s been bugging me for a few days:

me: …and when I’m done with the Jaywalker, I’m going to cast on for the second Pomatomus. The only thing is…
PH: What?
me: Well, the stripey striped scarf is almost done. That’ll leave me with two lacy projects that I can only work on at home. So I was thinking I’d cast on for a second, easier sock that I could take places with me.
PH: Oh, well yeah! You need a traveling sock!

No hesitation. No sarcasm. I need a traveling sock. It’s just a fact of knitterly life! I don’t know why I thought that I might be, y’know, going overboard by having two socks going at once. Maybe it’s a concern that I’ll only work on the simple one and not finish the more complicated one? Anyway, I decided that it’ll be a simple ribbed sock with some of the Trekking XXL that Janis gave me for my birthday. I may have said that before, but now I have to decide which colorway (purplish or brownish) and how many ribs of what width.

But first… Jaywalker foot!

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2 Responses

  1. I could use a traveling sock myself…or in my case maybe a traveling quilt? Anyway, my 17 year old wants to learn to knit; you wouldn’t be interested in giving her some pointers sometime would you? Just shoot me an e-mail sometime.

  2. Pirate Husband says:

    Wow, I’m that cool for understanding knitting? Ok I’ll take that. I mean really, with what other hobby can you have the following conversation and a happy outcome:

    KP: “What should I do tonight, I have so many projects going on?”
    PH: “Why don’t you just go sit and spin?”
    KP: “Great idea, thanks hon!” *smooch*

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