In Which the Pirate is Almost There.

A day of steady sock-knitting has gotten me to within a few inches of the toe. My goal is to have it done before Friday evening, so that I can have a Whole New Sock cast on for airport knitting. Hopefully the airline won’t have a problem with five size 0 aluminum DPNs!

Now what I have to do is decide on color. I’ve already decided to go with the Trekking XXL, and I’ve already picked a ribbing pattern, but I have two colorways (66 and 90) and choosing between them is difficult! I’m leaning towards the 90, which is deserty browns with a little bit of blue thrown in. 66 is dark greens, purples, navy and burgundy. Pirate-Husband says the brown one will go with more of my clothes, so I think that’s going to be the winner this time. I’ve taken it out and have it on my desk to remind me that if I hurry with the Jaywalker, I could be casting on for a new sock (and wearing new socks, too) in just a few days!

In spinning news, I’m eyeing wheels and drum carders. What a dangerously costly hobby this is turning out to be.

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