In Which the Pirate Begins.

About half an hour before bedtime last night, I reached the ultimate procrastinatey perfect pausing point on the Jaywalkers – the toe decreases. I knew I couldn’t finish it in half an hour, and I didn’t want to lose my place (I’m famous for that) so I set it aside and cast on for the next sock, which I will bring to SnB tonight so that I can make no progress on it but feel like I’ve got something to work on.

Aww, cute widdle baby sock start.Here we have the first three rows of the next sock, which doesn’t yet have a name. “Ribbed Sock” will probably do just fine. I did end up going for colorway 90 of the Trekking XXL, and I’m doing some interesting ribbing: k3, p2, k1, p2. It’s only 64 stitches around on size 0 DPNs, which seems like it is so small after the 84-stitch Jaywalker. But the last ribbed socks I did were 68 stitches on size 1, and they fit kinda loosely, so maybe this will be just right? I sure hope so!

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  1. mai says:

    did you finish the toe of the jaywalkers?? :)

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