In Which the Pirate Drinks Wine.

Tonight’s SnB was held at Cosi, a small cafe, instead of the Panera we usually go to – and I think we may be switching venues. It was decently lit and much quieter, and the food… when I arrived, there was brie, bread, strawberries and grapes at each end of the table. I got a glass of wine to go with it. Later on, we ordered s’mores and had too much fun roasting marshmallows at the table. I’m not sure any of us got very much knitting done, but what a fantastic time we had!

I started the second Pomatomus yesterday and I’m about 20 rounds in. This sock looks so funny at the beginning before the pattern is really established, like there are just random holes here and there. I remember this from the first sock and I know it will start making sense of itself in another fifteen rounds or so. Tomorrow I will focus on it and make some serious progress.

The Trekking Ribbed Sock came with me to SnB and I think I’m about up to where the heel should start. I need to measure it against another sock that’s a good height just to be sure. The heel, I think, I’m going to have to work on at home, even though it’s a traveling sock, because I will be sure to mess it up otherwise. Either that, or I can deliberately go out and knit somewhere quietly by myself. In general, it’s going very quickly and I’m thrilled! The more socks, the better.

Pirate-Husband got the call from the radiologist that only one rib is actually very broken. There is a second that might be cracked but might only be seriously bruised. Either way, he’s not letting the pain stop him; he got on a plane to Iceland this afternoon and should be arriving soon, if I have the time zones right. I sent him with my camera, so there won’t be any new pictures in here until at least Monday.

I’ve been wearing the Stripey Striped Scarf to work, because it’s finally been cold enough. There was frost on my windshield the other day! People have been complimenting me on it and I get such a thrill out of saying “thank you; I made it myself!” There’s at least one other person in the office who knits, but she doesn’t sit near me so I don’t know if she’s seen it yet.

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  1. Janis says:

    I like being able to really take them as compliments because it’s something I’ve made. :) It’s not just a nice piece of clothing that looks good on me.

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