In Which the Pirate Misses a Day.

I’m having a hard time believing this myself, but I didn’t knit a single stitch yesterday! I meant to, but somehow it just never happened. I came home from work and got dinner going, then found myself snoozing on the futon instead of knitting. Then Pirate-Husband and I watched the second half of Gone With the Wind. Seems like there should be a third half that tells the rest of the story!

Speaking of Pirate-Husband, he is very wise in the ways of knitters. He did not bring any yarn or wool back from Iceland with him for me, because (as he said) there’d be no way of knowing how much I needed for a project. Instead, he brought me a handknit hat in variegated greens! It is great and will match my scarf! I think it’s knit of Lopi (what else?) and I’m hoping it’s not too itchy to wear. I have a Jayne Hat made of Lopi from the Knitting Ninja, which I can only wear for a little while before the itches go straight through my head. Perhaps I can line each of the hats with soft fleece or something.

Tonight I will definitely knit something, though I’m not sure what project I’ll work on. Tomorrow is SnB again! We decided that it was silly to say that we were an every-other-week group when we keep showing up every Wednesday, so now we’re officially a weekly group.

How long does it usually take for WEBS to fill and ship an order? Not that I can start the projects yet, but I’m anxious to have the yarn.

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  1. Pirate Husband says:

    I’m glad you like the hat. Knit clothing is very popular in Iceland as you might imagine. I was tempted to buy you a beautiful red, lace-weight knit jumper-dress I saw in the airport ( I think you were supposed to wear a bodysuit under it or… maybe not?! :) but it was prohibitively expensive. (~17k ISK!)

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