In Which the Pirate Measures.

Once I got the ruler out and measured, there was no denying that the leg of the Trekking Ribbed Sock was just not as long as I really wanted it to be. It was barely six inches long, and I’m aiming for at least six and a half, or maybe even seven inches. Some not-so-serious knitting got me closer to six, and maybe tonight at SnB I’ll make more serious progress. Then I just have to figure out the heel. I know the flap is knit on half the stitches until it’s square, which isn’t so difficult as long as I remember to count rows, but how do I know how many stitches to put into the turning of the heel? Research is necessary. It shouldn’t be too hard to find another 64-stitch sock pattern with the right sort of heel and steal borrow the numbers.

In non-knitting news, Pirate-Husband and I are just about convinced that we’re going to make an offer on that house, pending inspection. He wants to go back there one more time to take some measurements and make estimates of how much it will cost us to do each repair/renovating project. I want to plan out where my spinning wheel will go! (Probably in the family room just off the kitchen. I can imagine spending a lot of time in there, once it’s no longer full of misplaced walls.) It’s very exciting but also very scary, and I’m trying not to retreat into complicated knitting just to take my mind off the more serious business of house-buying. But oh, when it’s done, what a lovely house it will be!

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