In Which the Pirate Makes Slow Progress.

I love my SnB, I really do. But I never get very much knitting done there, especially when I’m working on a sock. There’s so much laughter and talking and looking at other people’s projects, it leaves no time to work on my own! I should cast on a worsted-weight baby hat for next week, and I might get somewhere with it. On the other hand, there is so much knowledge there, and everyone’s willing to share. The first meetup of every month includes a Show-and-Tell; last night’s theme was favorite yarns.

I brought the silk and cashmere blend and we determined that it’s actually gossamer weight, not cobweb. Addi Lace circulars only go down to size 1, but I’m wondering if that will work for this. It might be too large – and yes, it feels very strange to say that size 1 needles might be too large! I also brought a two pound hank of brown cotton yarn. Everyone agreed that it’s got a great feel, and it’s very good yarn, but no one came up with any ideas as to what to do with the stuff. The only suggestion I like was to bring it to a dyeing evening, try to lighten it with bleach or something, and then redye it a better color. But still, what does one do with two pounds of fine, dark brown cotton?

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  1. cici says:

    I so agree with you about getting anything done at sit and knit. I decided I need to bring something really easy or else I end up ripping when I get home.

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