Ravelry is sucking away my knitting time. As if I weren't addicted to the internet enough already, there are two things which are making it worse. First, the Big Issues Debate Group. The people there are just awesome! There's such a high level of intelligence and civility, even when we disagree 100% on a topic. Now the second, just started today, is that there's a #ravelry channel on IRC. I'm done for.

But I'm way past the heel and gusset on the Trekking Sock (stitches all fixed now) and I did a few rounds on the Pomatomus yesterday. I'm not doing *nothing*, really! Just not making the kind of progress I want.

There is a Kureyon Sock Yarn coming out. It's not even too expensive! $19 for 462 yards/100g, and the yardage looks good. I plan to buy a skein once I decide on a colorway, but I hope it's not as full of twigs and crap as the original Kureyon.

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2 Responses to “In Which the Pirate is Distracted.”
  1. Pirate Husband says:

    #Ravelry?! Ah well it was nice spending time with you...

  2. noelle says:

    OMG Ravelry... it's the home page on my browser now but I'm thinking of changing that because whenever I go to look up a recipe or something, I get distracted and sucked in and totally forget what I was looking up to begin with! I think the bf is starting to resent the site a little...