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In Which the Pirate is Thoroughly Impressed.

Though I mentioned my WEBS order yesterday, I didn’t really expect anything to come of it. I certainly didn’t expect Kathy from WEBS to find that post and leave a comment on it, saying that I was indeed entitled to the discount, and to please email her so everything can be straightened out. How absolutely amazingly awesome is that? …and not five minutes after I emailed back, I got an email confirmation of the refund to my account.

I’m quick to complain about poor customer service, but I’m also quick to proclaim when a company is doing something right. I’ve only had fantastic experiences with WEBS and I cannot *wait* until I get the chance to make my pilgrimage to the Mecca of yarn.

2 Responses

  1. noelle says:

    That’s so freaking cool! I love WEBS and got to see it for myself after Rhinebeck… I wanted to just move in and live there forever. :)

  2. fiberlicious says:

    I’ve been to Webs (yes, you may kiss my ring!) and the people there are completely fabulous. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Glad it worked out.

    Hope to see you soon.

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