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In Which the Pirate is Snow-Shy.

I ended up skipping SnB last night because of the weather. After choosing to work from home and spending the day in my pajamas, I couldn’t get motivated to get dressed, scrape off my car, and navigate the icy roads. This morning I knew I’d made the right decision – the parking lot was a lumped-up sheet of ice. I’m not scared to drive in the snow, and I know I can handle the car on ice, but I do prefer to limit my driving to the absolute necessities on it. So I did go to work today.

As a result of not going to SnB, I’ve made no progress on anything. Maybe tonight will be a knitting night. (Maybe Pirate-Husband and I will enjoy dinner and a movie together, then do all our holiday shopping online instead.)

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2 Responses

  1. Gwen says:

    I didn’t go either. I slid through an intersection and somehow managed not to get hit, so I thought I had used up all the luck I had one for day, so I stayed safely on my couch and knitted.


  2. Susan L says:

    I skipped it, too. :( I’d been flip-flopping (mentally, that is) & would probably have at least started out & seen how the roads were, but as I was brushing off my car after work, I noticed that one of the headlights was out. Not a good idea to be driving in questionable conditions (1st snow of the season to boot) with only one headlight – and just begging for a ticket! Guess we’ll see each other next week!

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