In Which the Pirate Laces.

Last night I finally sat down with the Ostrich Plumes Scarf and put five or six rows on it. It’s over 12″ long now when it’s stretched out, though I think serious blocking would have it at more than that. I’m not finding it to be very relaxing knitting at all. The yarn is slippery, the needles are slippery. I have to concentrate on each stitch, even on the knit across or purl across rows. Once I start a row, I can’t stop or I’m convinced I’ll drop a stitch – fortunately it’s only 81 stitches across! That said, I’m enjoying the project. It’s coming out beautifully and I am really looking forward to having the finished object.

On the way home from work today, I plan to stop at Nature’s Yarns, the new yarn store in Fairfax. I haven’t been there yet and I’m excited to check it out for myself! I have a thing or two in mind to purchase, but it’s related to winterholiday gifts, so I don’t want to say anything. (If I can’t find it at this store, I’m going to order online tonight and hope it’s delivered quickly.) Of course if I find some spifftacular sock yarn, I won’t be able to resist it!

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2 Responses

  1. Susan L says:

    Any news on the house? Inquiring minds want to know! Keeping my fingers crossed for you (but not my toes – don’t want to stretch out my hand-knit socks!)!

  2. Janis says:

    I think I’ve gotten used to knitting with lace weight but I haven’t for a while so I might be misremembering. I remember my feather and fan scarf with the wool laceweight to be easy to do (it was a travel knitting project even), but the River scarf in Alpaca Cloud to be slippery and time consuming.

    Mmmmm sock yarn. I got some Austermann Step when I visited Kentucky last time.

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