In Which the Pirate Doesn’t Find What She’s Looking For.

The new local yarn store is quite nice. It’s a small store in Fairfax, near a good pho place. They have a bunch of yarns I’d never seen before, but unfortunately not the stuff I was looking for (and no sock yarn that really called out to me, either). But! the people there were incredibly nice, helped me look around to see if there was an acceptable substitute, and directed me to two other semi-local stores which do carry one or both of the brands of yarn I’m in search of. Very cool.

The lace is going well. I’m getting back into the swing of it and it’s not quite as slippery and futzy any more, though I do have to pay close attention on pattern rows still. I’ve finished three pattern repeats in total (32 rows each) so I do feel like I’m getting somewhere. Even if it is slow. It’s so pretty, I want to finish it before spring so I can wear it!

As far as the house goes, there is no news yet. The bank has two offers on the place. They’re going to do an appraisal (why wasn’t this done first, I wonder?) and get back to us, probably by the end of the month. I hope it doesn’t turn into a bidding war because we really haven’t got much more to offer, and I promise to keep you all updated as I find things out (since you asked). If I’m not writing it’s because I don’t know – or because I’m annoyed that there’s a second offer – or because we didn’t get it and we’re really annoyed about that, “annoyed” being a much more polite word than the one I’d like to use.

In yarnier news, on Monday I’m going to go to one of the semi-local yarn stores on my way home from work, as it’s kinda-sorta on the way. I hope they have the yarn I want. Normally I’d call ahead to find out, but since I’ve never been to this store before, I want to check it out anyway. If they don’t have it, I’m going to have to order online, because the other semi-local yarn store is not on the way home from work and is not so convenient to get to, and I’m in a bit of a hurry here. Not a panicked hurry, but a hurry nonetheless.

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3 Responses

  1. mai says:

    YUMMMMMMMMM pho…..drooollllll…..

    i wasn’t impressed with nature’s yarns. it’s nice and the people are nice, but none of the yarn called out to me.

    which yarn store are you visiting on monday? if it’s the yarn barn, save your time!!!!!

  2. fiberlicious says:

    likewise Capit0l Yarns

  3. lomester says:

    Oh i was going to say the same thing about Yarn Barn… Mai beat me to it.

    It is conveniently near my dad’s house, but whenever I am looking for something (even needles) they dont have it :(

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