In Which the Pirate Orders Online.

So I took your advice and skipped Yarn Barn, though if I’m ever in Burke for another reason, I might go just to see what’s what there. I did go to both Michael’s and Joann (they’re two stores apart from each other) on the way home from work just to check if they maybe possibly had a substitution for what I needed, but no luck. However, I met an awesomely friendly knitter and her young daughter in Joann, and helped them pick out yarn for a scarf – then invited her to SnB. She’d heard of us, and apparently one of her friends went last week in the snow! I love this hobby; I meet nice people everywhere I go.

Then I came home and ordered the yarn I needed from WEBS because a) they are just so freakin’ awesome and b) they had what I needed. I won’t be able to talk about this project until it’s finished and gifted, but I can say that I’m glad it should be a quick knit, because I don’t have much time left!

In other gifty news, another friend of mine said she’d be finding out the sex of her baby this month, and I can’t start knitting until I know. I have enough yarn for either the girl version or the boy version of this particular project (no details, argh, surprise knitting is hard to blog about!) but not enough of the we-don’t-know-what-we’re-having colorway.

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  1. mai says:

    i <3 webs!!! much better than yarn barn!

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