In Which the Pirate CAN Spin.

What a difference a pre-prepped fiber makes, eh? After a few fits and starts, I got out the Romney roving from last year’s MD Sheep and Wool Festival, made sure it was pre-drafted evenly, and spun away. Now I have half a bobbin full, in about half an hour. This is just too freakin’ awesome. Unfortunately, while there’s plenty of light to spin by, there’s not enough light to take a good picture, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. It might be a little overspun, but I hear that’s normal. At this point I don’t care; I just want to get the hang of the treadling while drafting thing. The issue with overspinning can be resolved after.

In yarn and knitting news, the shipment with the yarn for the Sekrit Holiday Gift arrived. I’ve already spoken to the recipient and probably won’t see him until after the holidays, so he knows it’s going to be late, and that’s okay. The pressure is off! And I’m pretty sure I can make this thing quickly, so I should have it ready just in case I do see him at New Year’s.

And I got my first knitting-related Winterholiday gift – a copy of Naughty Needles! Not that I can really see myself wearing handknit lingerie, but it’s a nifty book with some cool ideas in it. Including a knitted eyepatch. Now there’s something piratey that I could make!

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  1. Pirate Husband says:

    …I can see you wearing knit lingerie. Can I please?

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