In Which the Pirate Talks About Lace and Socks.

Cici commented, “I liked seeing your ostrich plumes.. I just got the pattern and am ready to cast on.. I was dissapointed that there wasn’t a chart. Did you make a chart for yours? Is it easily read without it? I think charts are lifesavers.”

The Ostrich Plumes pattern is so simple that I didn’t bother to make a chart. I did, however, write out the pattern with each instruction on its own separate line, which made it easy for me to follow. By the second run through the pattern, I found that I didn’t even have to look any more. It’s repetitive and easy to memorize (especially the odd rows, which are “purl across”). If you are more comfortable working from a chart, there are only two rows which would need charting – the pattern for rows 4, 8, 12 and 16, and the pattern for rows 20, 24, 28, and 32.

On the other hand, I’ve found the chart invaluable for Pomatomus. I don’t think I’d make it through those socks without referring back to the chart at every round!

In other news, last night at SnB, I was able to borrow the needles for my Sekrit Winterholiday Gift Project, and that should be cranked out this weekend. I’ll take pictures, but I can’t post anything until the gift has been given!

Also at SnB, I got up to the part of the Trekking Ribbed Sock where the toe begins. I wanted to re-measure against my foot before starting the decreases, so I stopped there and chatted for a bit before heading home with the toe-less sock. I’m still a little worried that the sock will be too small, but I’ve had this fear before and everything turned out okay then.

Samantha asked, re my plan to block the socks right on my feet, “Won’t your feet be cold? Mine would shiver…” That’s what the hairdryer is for, to keep my feet warm and expedite the drying/blocking process! Unfortunately, I don’t have real radiators in my apartment, and I don’t think I can hold my feet up to the registers in the ceiling. (I love having central air, really I do, but sometimes I miss radiators.)

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  1. cici says:

    thanks for the follow up…. I have been hesitant to start because I thought it was going to be difficult without the chart, but you give me the courage to go ahead and cast on… although I have to finish a few things before I start. I have decided i want to get a few projects that have been on the needles way to long.

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