In Which the Pirate Buys a House.

I haven’t been posting in the past week because I really haven’t been knitting in the past week, and the reason I haven’t been knitting is because I’ve been busy buying a house.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up on the story, there have been three houses in this hunt. The first one needed a lot of fixing. Our first offer was rejected, but when the other buyers disappeared, they came back to us. Meanwhile, we had found a second house that we really liked, but it was a short sale and the bank was taking forever to process the paperwork. We withdrew our offer on the first house, deciding that it would be too much work for us, and were waiting patiently for the second house to come through, when…

Pirate-Husband found a log house on top of a mountain. You can see pictures of it here (flash slideshow). I’m sure this link will expire eventually, but it’s still working now.

We went to see it December 29. We put an offer in on December 30. We got an answer back on December 31 – negotiated a little bit, and agreed! The inspection was yesterday, and most things were in good shape. There are a few here-and-theres to fix up, but nothing that would prevent us from going ahead with it!

Closing is January 25. I am alternating between “oh gods what have I done,” and “wow, this is gonna be great!”

3 Responses

  1. mai says:

    congratulations! is that near winchester? i think i recognize that view!

  2. Susan says:

    ONG, Rachyl! That house is amazing & the views are spectacular! Congratulations! Looks like 3rd time really is the charm!

  3. fiberlicious says:

    That’s a spectacular house. Mazel Tov. Where is it?

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