In Which the Pirate Has Birthday Money.

My parents and my grandma sent me money this year for my birthday. I had a good long conversation with each of them last night, and they pretty much said the same thing – “We’re sure that you want something to do with knitting or spinning, but we have no idea what to get you, so we sent money. Please tell us what you pick out when you get it!” So I ordered a copy of Deb Menz’ book “Color in Spinning” and spent a very long time drooling over roving on Etsy. I’ll also be ordering a tensioned lazy kate for my wheel so I can get to plying.

It’s snowing here today, and it seems like a perfect day to curl up with some yarn and hot chocolate. Knitting is a perfect winter hobby, isn’t it? I can’t wait to move into the house so that I can have a fire on days like this.

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