In Which the Pirate Has Heel Success.

It’s amazing how easy a pattern is when you follow the right numbers, isn’t it? Last night I got the heel turned and all the gusset stitches picked up. Once the gusset is (mostly) done I can take another gauge count and decide if I want to decrease a little further than the pattern calls for, or leave it as-is. The gauge I seem to have, combined with the measurement of my foot, put me right between one size and the next. Slouchy ankles on socks are acceptable, even welcomed, but loose socks on the foot are just uncomfortable!

I finally got a chance to wear the alpaca socks that my friend Ky bought for me in Peru last year. She gave them to me in August, a rotten time to wear super-warm socks, and they’ve been hiding in my drawer ever since – but yesterday was cold and snowy, and I felt that it was the perfect evening to wear toasty-warm alpaca!

There’s more good news, too. The yarn that’s been backordered since November has finally shipped! Hooray!

Tonight, gusset decreases.

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