In Which the Pirate Teaches.

Our core group this weekend was made up of six knitters and two non-knitters, and by the end of the vacation that had been shifted to seven and one. A friend from Arizona was complaining that he could not find the perfect scarf, and so we tromped over to the yarn store and helped him find just the right shade of Cascade 220. I was in charge of finding a stitch pattern that would be fun and easy – garter stitch and seed stitch were ruled out right away. Pondering with my sock in my hand led me to suggest a garter rib, which was immediately approved.

He had an inch of scarf already knit when I left on Sunday.

It did take three of us to teach him, and we did contradict each other a few times. I knit Continental, and the other two teachers knit English, but eventually, somehow, we got the basic idea across. It was lots of fun teaching, although I don’t think I’m very good at it, and it was especially fun to see the lights come on as he started to understand how stitches come together.

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