In Which the Pirate Finally Gets Out of the Apartment.

After missing a number of SnB nights, I’m finally getting to go again! I’m hoping that I’ll still get to go after I move up to the house, but it will be a much longer distance to drive. I’m definitely going to try to get there once in a while! I like my fellow knitters and would miss them if I never saw them again.

So tonight I’m bringing the beginning of the second Garter Rib Sock, though I don’t expect to get much knitting done for all the talking that goes on. I noticed a few mistakes in the leg of the first one that could only have been caused by not paying attention, perhaps because I was drinking wine and talking instead of looking at what I was doing! Fortunately, they’re small mistakes and would only be noticed by another knitter who had a nose in my ankle. I think I’m safe.

The best part about SnB is that the cafe where we meet has wine. I am so looking forward to a glass of wine tonight!

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