In Which the Pirate Garters.

Twenty-five rows into the Baby Surprise Jacket, and I’m aching for something other than garter stitch. Knit knit knit knit. Knit knit. Knit. Knit knit knit. Every so often there’s that respite of knit two together – a stitch I don’t particularly like. Knit knit knit.

On the positive side, I love how the colors are playing out. I am thrilled with the softness of the yarn and the drape of the fabric. I am really looking forward to giving this one to the mother of its recipient. Not only does it seem like it will be something she will love, but I know she is one of the friends who can appreciate the work it takes to knit a sweater.

The only thing I feel bad about is that I’m not working in superwash wool. I may include a bottle of Eucalan with the sweater, and of course washing instructions.

Knit knit knit knit. Knit knit. Twenty-five rows is approximately 25% complete. I can do this.

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