In Which the Pirate Returns to Knitting.

It’s not really a return, exactly – I’ve been getting a few rows done here and there. After a weekend of knitting a LOT, my wrists were really bothering me, so I took it easy for a week. Then this past weekend, I was too busy to knit. Now it’s Tuesday, the Baby Surprise Jacket is still incomplete, the shower is coming up, and I’m starting to get stressed over it. If I hurry, I’ll hurt my wrists again. If I don’t, it won’t be done on time.

On Thursday I’m going to check out the knit night at my LYS – it is a store I’ve been to once because it was far from the apartment, but now that I’ve moved, it’s only about 12 miles down the road. I’m pretty excited to meet some new people! …and I’ll probably bring the sock, since it’s my traveling project and I know I can work on it without thinking or having to count rows.

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