...I cannot stop wanting to buy more sock yarn. Not only that, but the sock yarn that most appeals to me to buy is not the sock yarn that most appeals to me to knit. I found myself eyeing the KnitPicks Felici. What awesome colors! What great stripes! What a fantastic price!

Then I remember, I have a half-ton of self-striping sock yarn in my stash (Non-Ravelry link here), and a bunch of patterns queued up that have nothing to do with stripes, and not very much solid or semi-solid yarn. There must be something wrong with me - but sock yarn isn't stash, right?

Speaking of socks, I'm up to the heel flap in the Garter Rib Socks. I am really cranking through them now that the baby sweater is done - I think I put almost two inches onto the leg at the shower. I am really looking forward to wearing them for the first time!

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One Response to “In Which the Pirate Admits She May Have a Problem.”
  1. Janis says:

    I think self-striping sock yarns are a good standby for when you need a mindless knitting project. That way they look fantastic in just a plain stockinette. *enables*