In Which the Pirate Procrastinates.

It’s not that I don’t like knitting heel flaps, exactly. It’s that I like knitting the rest of the sock so much better. I did get eight rows into it last night (of thirty-six) and I even remembered to bring it with me to work today (though I may have made plans to go out for lunch) and I do want it done before the weekend, so I can bring the sock to my parents’ house and work on it without having to keep picky count of how many rows I’ve done.

Knit a row, mess with the new projects-by-year pages. WordPress’s recent upgrade has me a bit frustrated; it’s no longer a simple thing to see a page’s ID number, but I need that number in order to include a page in the sidebar. I only went back to 2006, although I started knitting in the beginning of 2004. I wasn’t the best at keeping track of my projects back then, though.

Knit the return row, adjust the queue a little bit. I re-ordered, took out some projects that I know I’ll never do, and tried to assign yarns from my stash to the planned projects. I ran into the problem of having purchased stripy and variegated yarns, but having queued up socks that would look best in solid or semi-solid yarns. My solution will be to knit the stripy stuff first, empty out my stash, and then buy new solid/semi-solid yarns.

Knit a row, read the forums.

Knit the return row, check the blog stats.

It’s no wonder that heel flaps take forever. :)

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  1. Cailleach says:

    I love me a heel flap sock. Short row heels never fit right for me. My silly feet actually require a heel flap considerably longer than square to fit right, so I do a lot of heel flap knitting. Have you considered NOT doing heel stitch as ‘written’? I knit continental, and knitting is faster for me than purling. To speed things up, I do standard heel flap as k across, turn, sk1 p1 across, k across, etc. From the outside it looks exactly the same, but it’s faster for me! I actually really love eye of partridge heel flaps, and it’s a no brainer to remember what row of the pattern I’m on since I can see the skipped stitches right in front of me as I purl. Just a suggestion that might help make the heel flaps less annoying.

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