In Which the Pirate Was Wrong.

I got to my parents’ house at about 3:00 on Saturday and knit a few rows while talking to Grandma out on the screen porch. Then I did an ssk where I meant to put a k2tog, but while I was backing up to fix it Dad needed my help, and then our guests were arriving.

I could have had time to knit on Sunday morning, but I was feeling reclusive and so I retreated to my room with the laptop. Dad came by to see what I was looking at just as I was re-re-reading the drum carder specs. “That looks much smaller than the card I used in college,” he said, and then told me about his adventures with the picker and the card and the spinning machine, and the professor who’d weigh the yarn, and the punch card programs for the computer to calculate weight and length. Yep, Dad’s just that cool.

Pirate-Husband suggested that I should knit a pair of toe socks, and I just have to agree with him. I love toe socks, and I wear them all the time. How can I not knit a pair for myself? Not to mention, they’ll be a great use of stripy yarns. I found a basic pattern and added them to the ever-growing queue.

I’m also working up a pattern for lacy socks. Okay, so far I’ve just been working it in my head, but eventually I’ll get it out onto paper. I’d like to put more patterns out soon; perhaps I’ll offer one or two more for free, and then one for a small charge. The Highwayman Armwarmers seem to be doing all right as far as people adding the pattern to their queue, but not too many people have knit them so far. One day I will be a famous designer…

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