In Which the Pirate Runs Out of Yarn.

Curses! Darn, rats, phooey and grr! I have run out of yarn halfway through the toe of the second Garter Rib Sock. There are ten rounds to go and only ten inches of yarn left. Blue Moon doesn’t sell emergency mini-skeins, so I’ve gone to the “Socks that Rawk” group on Ravelry and asked them for help.

If anyone has leftovers of STR Lightweight in “Pirate Booty,” I’m willing to buy, beg or barter. And if not, then I’ll have to resign myself to having a mis-matched sock toe.

I knew the yardage of this yarn was on the light side, so I made the sock leg shorter than I normally do. Guess the garter rib pattern ate a lot of the yarn. Next time I use lightweight I will make the leg even shorter and pick a different stitch pattern… and after that I might just order mediumweight yarn, which goes further. Or I’ll stick to the yarns with more yardage.

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