In Which the Pirate Has Completed Socks.

Thanks to Emm1e, here are my completed Garter Rib Socks! I knit the first one in five weeks; the second one took longer because I got caught up in moving, cleaning, unpacking, and all those other things that go along with buying a house. They were a quick knit, and a decent pattern. Some of the instructions, like the part for centering the pattern over the instep, could have been written a little more clearly. I think I put one too many rows (two, really) into the heel flap as well, but the socks seem to fit all right when I tried them on. I’ll have to see how they are when I wear them for a whole day instead of a whole five minutes.

I’m looking forward to showing these off at work tomorrow! Some of my co-workers have been following the saga of the socks. One of them even gave a little “woohoo!” when I said that I’d found a source for the little bit of extra that I needed!

I found out that another of my co-workers knits and suggested that we should set up a lunchtime group to sit, knit, relax, and teach anyone else who wants to learn. She smiled and nodded. I get the feeling that she’s not quite as into this yarn thing as I am…

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  1. Janis says:

    The look great!

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