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In Which the Pirate Spins.

Cloverleaf Farm BFL I decided to try out this Blue-Faced Leicester from Cloverleaf Farm today. In an effort to keep the color transitions, I split the roving into quarters and then pre-drafted, spun singles, and plied. I only got half done – about 60 yards worth – and I’ll spin the other half later or tomorrow.

Some of the color changes match up well. I got some barber-poling in other spots, but not too bad. All the colors go with each other well, at least! Mostly it looks orange and yellow. The greens were kinda lost. I have ideas for how to split roving in the future and not lose any colors. It will be fun to experiment with that!

I’m not sure if I overplied or if the twist was so fresh that the skein wanted to just spring back on itself, but I gave it a soak and a whack, and now it’s drying in the tub. It’s very bright, and I’m not sure what I’ll make yet. I know someone who really likes orange and who really appreciates handknits; perhaps I’ll make her a hat.

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