In Which the Pirate Gussets.

I had over an hour yesterday to do nothing but sit and knit, with no interruptions, so I powered through the rest of the gusset decreases on Pirate-Husband’s sock and got about an inch past them and into the foot before I had to put the sock down. It seems so big compared to the socks I knit for myself, but then again, his feet are a lot wider than mine!

Now it’s just knit, knit, knit again down to the toe. I’m rotating the work by five stitches every few rows to prevent laddering. I put a safety pin in the work before doing any rotating, so I know where I started. Since there are twenty stitches on each needle, it will be easy to tell if I’ve got the sock properly aligned before I start the toe.

Hope it fits him… *fingers crossed*

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