In Which the Pirate Plans.

I’ve been looking for fabric-lined baskets in which I can store my growing stash of roving, but no luck. They’re all the wrong shape or the wrong size or made of the wrong material. Pirate-Husband offered to help me line a basket myself if I found a good unlined one, but even with the wider search parameters I couldn’t find exactly the right basket.

My new plan is to make thick felted bowls. They’ll be the right size and shape, since I’ll make them myself. They won’t need to be lined since they won’t be made of rattan or bamboo. And I get to knit them! I wonder how good my new washing machine is (not new-new, but new to me ’cause it came with the house) at felting.

A couple of felted projects would be a good way for me to practice colorwork as well.

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