In Which the Pirate Plans.

I had an idea last night for a knitted lace headscarf, the kind you’d wear while zipping along the Oregon coastline in a rented convertible. It would have a long tie that could either go under the chin or around the neck, and the kerchief part would be triangular.

Originally I was thinking that I’d do the long part of it first, then decrease down to a point… but now I’m thinking it might be better to go the other direction: do the kerchief point-up until it’s the right size, then add the tie to it afterwards.

It doesn’t seem as if there are too many kerchief patterns out there. If I’m pleased with this one I’ll put it into pdf format and offer it both here and on Ravelry. If it comes out really nicely, maybe it will be my first pattern for sale rather than for free!

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