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In Which the Pirate Shows Off the Yarn.

just my colors!I thought you might like to see a picture of the Jojoland Melody that Pirate-Husband bought for me last week. He asked me if I had a pattern in mind, but I don’t yet – I only know that I want to knit them toe-up so I can make use of every last inch of the yarn. Maybe I’ll finally try the toe-up flap heel with gusset about which I’ve been hearing such good things lately. The labelA complex stitch pattern might not work so well with this yarn. I’m thinking something mostly plain, maybe with a little texture. A fancy rib, perhaps, or a feather & fan variation. I have no doubt that whatever pattern I choose, even if it’s a plain stockinette foot with a ribbed cuff, the socks will be gorgeous – and I will have Pirate-Husband to thank for my warm feet!

To the commenters on my previous post about this – Pirate-Husband says he is available for loan, but I’m not sure cloning would be the best idea… I did tell him about the “hooking and looping” and his reaction was “…pfff, that’s not knitting, that’s crochet.”

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  1. Janis says:

    I’m planning on some Pomatomus with my JoJoland Melody. :)

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