In Which the Pirate Goes Full-Speed.

Last night I started on the heel flap for Pirate-Husband’s second sock; I got seven rows in before a late dinner and early bedtime. Hopefully this afternoon I’ll be able to finish the flap and possibly even the heel turn! He is looking forward to having the socks complete to wear with his brown sneakers. Black socks look so silly with brown shoes!

I’m planning the next sock, to be made with blue Trekking XXL (colorway 71). It’s a gift for someone else, and I’m not sure if I’m going to make it with any stitch pattern or just do ribbing on the cuff and stockinette the rest of the way down. I guess it’s really up to him, since it’s not a surprise sock.

And then there’s Cookie’s sock class that I’m taking in September! I have an idea for a stitch pattern but I need to swatch it out before the class. Since the stitch pattern I have written down is for flat knitting, I’ll have to convert it for in-the-round and then see how it looks, as well as taking gauge measurements. I’m thinking of using either the Tess Super Socks & Baby in amber (450 yards) or the Ellen’s Half Pint Farm in very green (500 yards) for this design. Either way, I plan to weigh the yarn out in advance and wind it into two even balls. I recently got a kitchen scale and I’m thrilled to think that never again will I have to wait until the toe of my second sock to discover that I’ve not got enough yarn.

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